Big data in the chicken coop

Big data in the chicken coop

The world population is growing, and with it the demand for meat. Radical change is needed to meet this demand without overusing the earth’s resources and neglecting animal welfare. Precision Livestock Farming, or PLF for short, offers a solution.

Precision Livestock Farming combines big data and new technologies with a holistic understanding of what keeps animals healthy.

Poultry production is one area that can benefit significantly from the power of big data analytics. Evonik brings PLF and thus change to the chicken house with its Porphyrio® software solutions. By combining knowledge of poultry farming and poultry science, animal production chains (eggs and meat), big data management, and biostatistics, the entire production process is optimized.

Elisabeth Scalais
Employee at our site in Leuven (Belgium)
Mike Krantz
Employee in Ardenne Volaille at our site Bertrix (Belgium)
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